//Bilingual Book Fair 2020

Bilingual Book Fair 2020

Dear Maryel Parents and Friends,

Please join us in celebrating Maryel’s Annual Book fair!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH.  2pm-5:30pm

40 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016.  Assembly Hall/Community Church of New York.

This year’s book fair will be conducted by Chau Luna, who has an original collection of Spanish language books, bilingual books and English language books.
This Book Fair offers a unique shopping experience that would be hard to replicate in any traditional commercial setting, so we invite you to stop by!

Pre-orders can be made up to two days before the Book Fair. (Deadline for pre-orders: February 26th, 2020)

You will be able to pick up your orders at the event.


1- LIVE MUSIC- Children will enjoy a fun session with The Sunny Songsters,  a group of music educators and professional musicians. The performance will take place at 4pm. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


2- FOOD AND DRINKS– Pizza, baked goods and drinks will be sold. The funds will be used to enhance Maryel’s library.

3- READ ALOUD- Two sessions of read aloud one at 2:30pm and one at 3:30pm. (English and Spanish).






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