//Child Dental Hygiene Program

Child Dental Hygiene Program

We would like to thank Dr. Zamani from Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry for her visit to Maryel School. Dr Zamani had a lovely presentation and activity prepared to help explain to our children the importance of Dental Hygiene.

This presentation was presented to every class, from our youngest to our oldest, since it is necessary to make sure children understand the importance of taking care of their teeth at all ages.

Through reading a story and various activities, Dr. Zamani showed our students that caring for their teeth is important and very fun. Then they carried out an activity with modeling clay, each one making their very own toothbrush, decorating it with various ornaments, and sticking it with a giant tooth.

Maryel students had a great time learning how much fun it can be to brush your teeth!

Now in Koalas class.


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