/KOALAS Class Weekly Update 11

KOALAS Class Weekly Update 11

Dear Parents,


This week the Koalas reviewed their vowels, shapes and said good-bye to ‘noviembre’ and welcomed ‘diciembre’ by doing group art projects and singing songs. Duringcircle time we reviewed the importance of sharing as the children were introduced to the concept of ‘generosidad’ (generosity) by listening to the story of El árbol generoso (The Giving Tree).


Letras: A, E, I, O, U

Figura: ÓVALO


Color: ROSA


Sound clip



The children did projects with the words árbol (tree), estrella (star), oveja (sheep), iglú (igloo), and uniforme (uniform). They also made snowmen and ornaments to help us begin decorating our classroom.



The Koalas also learned classroom vocabulary this week such as:


Mesa (Mesa)

Silla (Chair)

Biblioteca (Library)

Perchero (Cubby)

Alfombra (Carpet)


Sound clip: http://vocaroo.com/i/s176xOL8Xhej



We ask that you please review these concepts and vocabulary with your child ‘en español’.



Highlight of the Week: The Koalas are practicing very hard to make their performance one you’ll never forget!


Have a wonderful weekend!



Señorita Chris y Señorita Gabby


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