/The advantages of a bilingual kindergarten education

The advantages of a bilingual kindergarten education

It’s all positive news when it comes to young children learning two languages at the same time and at almost the time they learn to speak.


Children who become bilingual from an early age develop major skills that can prove highly useful throughout their lives, from childhood through to when they grow up.


What are the benefits of bilingualism from early childhood?


Being bilingual from an early age can make four- and five-year-olds skillful people with good problem-solving abilities. Read on to learn more!


Agility. The main benefit is the capacity that a bilingual child’s brain acquires. Bilingual children can process information faster than kids with just one language. They can do a number of different things at the same time and achieve optimal results.


Increased ability to focus and in problem-solving. Bilingual children quickly and confidently sort information and discard whatever isn’t relevant. They listen carefully andunderstand well, an ability that comes from holding two different languages in their heads.


Better communicators. Bilingualism fosters a child’s communication and integration in any group, team, or situation.


Skills. Bilingual children acquire more knowledge, in turn becoming more creative, open, and flexible. They are also gifted at problem-solving.


Kindergarten at Maryel International Preschool


Our Kindergarten program at Maryel International Preschool focuses on helping five-year-olds develop these skillsets by teaching them two languages simultaneously, before they start at ‘big school’.


We harness the kindergarten year to foster the skills that will positively impact a child not just when they are five but throughout their teenage years and as an adult.


At Maryel International Preschool we strongly believe in the benefits of the simultaneous teaching of two languages and strive to deliver on this goal.


Enroll your child in our kindergarten and help him or her become bilingual from an early age!


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