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Elementary School (K-5TH Grade)

Maryel’s curriculum combines the education system in the United States and Europe, creating a harmonious combination, which offers our students an education that is comparable to the most prestigious independent schools in the United States and Europe.

Maryel School encourages students to fulfill their academic, social, and emotional potential in a challenging and supportive environment with a truly global perspective.

Kindergarten & First Grade

The Kindergarten and First Grade programs develop the child’s sense of self-worth and responsibility as an active learner.

These classes are taught 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. The languages will alternate each day in cycles of two weeks.



Using Singapore Math strategies in English class and Entusiasmat 5 in Spanish class, students develop mathematical understanding in stages.

Counting, Cardinality/Operations, Algebraic Thinking/Numbers, Operations in Base Ten/Measurement and Data /Geometry

First Grade

English: The Singapore Math Approach fosters the development of each child’s number sense. The main topics are addition, capacity, comparing numbers, counting, direction, estimation, geometry, length, and measurement.

Spanish: EntusiasMAT 6 (Based on The Multiple Intelligence Theory)

Language Arts


The Kindergarten program emphasizes the acquisition of language skills in English and Spanish, print concepts, and reading. Daily reading of stories and poems strengthens their ability to empathize and to express their feelings and imagination. Reading skills are taught in both large and small groups, and book selections for small-group instruction are based on the children’s developing reading abilities. Handwriting is practiced daily. Children participate in activities such as guide writing, dictation, and creative writing.  

First Grade

First graders continue to learn reading, writing, spelling, listening, and speaking. The students continue building fluency and expressions in both languages. Their vocabulary is expanded. The reading program is focused on reading comprehension, predicting, questioning, and drawing conclusions. Shared reading, reading aloud and independent reading are part of this program. Writing is practiced daily.



The Kindergarten History program focuses on the History of America and Spain through National Holiday Study. As part of the Geography program, Kindergarten students learn about different places and areas within the school, the neighborhood, and the city. Names of continents and oceans will also be introduced in Kindergarten. 

First Grade

The First Grade History program focuses on Early American History and New York State History. Geography of New York City and New York State are introduced.

Locating continents and oceans on a world map is also introduced as part of the Geography program.



Students are encouraged to use their five senses to observe and explore the world around them. Different experiments are conducted.

The Earth and the Universe I/Water on Earth (Oceans) I/Human Body I (The five senses and associated body parts/Taking care of your body)/Animals, plants and habitats I

First Grade

The Earth and the Universe II/Water on Earth (Oceans) II/Human Body II (Introduction to the systems of the human body/ Germs, diseases and preventing illness)

Chess Kindergarten and First Grade

The Kindergarten Chess program is conducted in the English Language. Children are encouraged to play this 1500-year-old game to improve concentration and memory, foster logic and critical thinking, and improve math skills and reading.

Music Kindergarten and First Grade

Our Kindergarten and First Grade Music Program follows the Kodály approach.

Kodály training is a complete and comprehensive approach to music education. The development of all skill areas begins very early with simple tasks required of all the students. As knowledge grows, skills are developed further in a sequential manner.

Physical Education and Health


Kindergarten students engage in formal physical education classes 2 days a week where they develop motor skills, physical fitness, cognitive concepts such as traveling in different directions, and awareness of rules and strategies in various sports as well as personal social character traits.

First Grade

First Grade students engage in formal physical education classes 2 days a week. First graders will begin to understand and practice the rules and basic skills of elementary games.

Visual Arts


Visual Art Program is integrated with History, Science, and Math. Kindergarten students will explore the basic skills of constructing with paper, clay, recycled materials, fabric, and a variety of other media.

First Grade

Students will work on activities that include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, mixing mediums, and using book arts to develop their skills with art tools and experiment with color mixing and the beginning of color analysis. They will exercise their imagination to draw and paint, and learn to observe nature and the work of famous artists to broaden their creative view.

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