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Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Thank you for your interest in Maryel School of New York.

The admissions process starts in the fall one year ahead of the school year being applied for and continues on a rolling-admissions basis. The number of available places is based on attrition at all grade levels and varies year to year.

While we hope the information provided throughout Maryel’s website is informative, we also know there is no substitute to coming to see us in person. We look forward to meeting you, and getting to know you and your child!

Steps to apply

1. Application

Submit the online application form


2. School Visit:

Once your completed application has been submitted, the admissions office will contact you to schedule a parent-only tour and interview and a student visit.

3. School Report:

Please download the release of records and submit to the staff at your child’s current school so that they can send us the school report.

Please note that we DO NOT require applicants to Kindergarten and First Grade to take the Early Childhood Admissions Assessment (ECAA) through the ERB. If your child takes the ECAA, please do not have the results released to us. We will not consider or accept them as part of the application for admission.

Talk to a Maryel parent

We would like to offer you the unique opportunity to talk to a Maryel parent directly. Please fill out the form by clicking on the link and a parent will contact you.


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Contact Info

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Phone: 1.800.458.556 / 1.800.532.2112

Fax: 458 761-9562

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