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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Program (Pk-5th grade)

At Maryel, the Emotional Intelligence Program is critical to our mission of educating the whole child. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize our own as well as others feelings, and the ability to handle them.

This ability to handle emotions appropriately can and should be developed from the early years of life. At Maryel, education not only provides intellectual aspects and school performance, but also emphasizes the development of emotional skills and self-esteem. 

Maryel Emotional Intelligence Program aims to become a means of enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills of children.

The purpose of this program is to create an emotional fitness for children. We want to offer the opportunity to have a space where students can train and develop their emotional skills and incorporate resources that can gradually be generalized to situations in everyday life.

Our students:

  •  Learn to identify their own emotions.
  • Manage their emotional reactions identifying appropriate ways to express themselves.
  • Develop an unconditional acceptance of self and others.
  • Develop self-control and empathy.
  • Learn that there are different types of situations and require different responses.

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