The children are ready and focused on learning this ancient Korean art.



Taekwondo uses a philosophy that is based on five principles: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and an Unbreakable Spirit.

The benefits for children:

  • Their minds will develop the bases of concentration.
  • The children be become more disciplined.
  • The security in themselves that they obtain through Taekwondo is due to the fact that the children are able to control their entire body which helps raise their self-esteem
  • Through different tasks and various exercises sportsmanship and teamwork is instilled and strengthened, as well as the importance of each individual in the group.
  • By practicing Taekwondo, values such as honor, loyalty, respect, humility and love for one’s neighbor are encouraged.
  • The child obtains cultural teaching that will allow them to become knowledgeable about the customs, traditions and ways of thinking of another race, which makes them more tolerant and caring.

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