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Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence Approach

Throughout history, there have been innumerable educational trends that have searched for the best method to teach students. Thinking that all students learn the same way is the biggest mistake that many educational systems have committed.

The application of incorrect practices drives the demotivation of students, and feeling this demotivation is the main cause of academic failure around the world. Even the most recognized educational trends can fail with unmotivated students.

How can we motivate our students? What is lacking in the educational systems of the world? Why are there so many academic failures?
Our children need to know that we believe in them, that they are being listened to, and that their needs are being tended to.

Maryel’s teachers observe their students from eight new perspectives

In recent years, new definitions have gained acceptance regarding the concept of “intelligence” which has dramatically enhanced the appraisal of human competencies.

    1. Verbal/linguistic intelligence
    2. Logical/mathematical intelligence
    3. Spatial Intelligence
    4. Musical Intelligence
    5. Kinesthetic Intelligence
    6. Interpersonal Intelligence
    7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
    8. Naturalistic Intelligence

Maryel develops ways to teach and learn by engaging all eight intelligences, increasing the possibilities for student success.

We all experience and learn through these eight different intelligences; however, each student differs in the strength of certain intelligences compared to others.

Because there are no two students that learn in the same way, Maryel applies this approach as a base for our pedagogy. With this inclusive practice, the skills, abilities, gifts, and different intelligences of each student are taken care of and strengthened.

All students can be apprentices of success. There are no limits to what one can learn at a certain age. The teacher’s role also transforms in this type of program. Maryel’s teachers develop different skills from those they would develop from standing in front of a class lecturing each day. Maryel’s teachers gain these skills by observing their students from eight new perspectives.

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