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The Maryel Method

Knowledge without experience is nothing more than philosophy; experiences without knowledge are nothing but ignorance”.

The Maryel Method is primarily based on the MOTIVATION of the student for learning and is made up of four consecutive phases:


Transmission of knowledge and concepts to the student

The concepts and knowledge are transmitted to students by using diverse forms. Traditionally, what the teacher and textbooks say have been the forms utilized to transmit knowledge to the students. This positively served students with an elevated linguistic and intrapersonal intelligence and was a disadvantage for those students with a lesser development of these intelligences. These situations can lead to the demotivation of the student and on numerous occasions to academic failure and dropouts.

The Maryel Method presents each new concept with at least five different activities that involve at least five intelligences.


Processing Information

Each student processes information and concepts through a personal channel that probably coincides with the more developed intelligence or intelligences at that point of their life. For students with a strong musical intelligence, the concepts are assimilated better through music and songs. For students with advanced logical-mathematical intelligence, they internalize concepts through numbers, graphs, or logical reasoning. For those students with a strong intrapersonal intelligence, they will absorb knowledge through solitary study.


Practical application of acquired knowledge- Projects

Projects, both individual and in groups, are the way that this method allows students to put the recently acquired knowledge into practice and make a connection between theory and practice by arriving at a more profound understanding of what has been learned.

The projects allow students to pose questions, question what has been learned, debate different opinions and come to their own conclusion in the process.


Emotional integration- Wisdom

In this final phase, after acquiring the knowledge and practical experience, students carry out an emotional integration of what has been learned and are capable of utilizing this in their daily lives outside of the classroom. Maryel’s Emotional Intelligence Program is key for this phase to be successful.

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